Collection: Planting Roots in Gallatin

South Water Manor is excited to announce the initiative "Planting Roots in Gallatin". The beautiful Fitzgerald Manor is housed in the heart of historic Gallatin and is home to so many memories for our community. Each day we hear more amazing stories of people who have grown up in and around Gallatin and have history at the Manor.

As we continue to grow and develop our business at South Water Manor, we are conscious of the heartbeat of our mission, to create a place where folks can do life together. Our goal is to make South Water Manor a place where the memories of yesterday combine with the celebrations of today to create a legacy for our future. 

We are developing the large side lawn into a landscaped area at the Manor where you can sponsor your own "family tree". This area will begin with beautiful landscaping and grow to include an outdoor event space, perfect for weddings, reunions, and other celebrations. The landscape design has been thoughtfully designed by a local team of landscape architects who are committed to preserving our native foliage by integrating it into future development. We can envision a space where families enjoy picnics, walks, and make memories watching the seasons change in the yard. 

We would be honored to have your family tree firmly grounded in the yard and for your family roots to grow and develop at South Water Manor. Your family tree will be clearly marked with a customized paver at the base of the tree. Documentation about the history and the future of the Fitzgerald Manor will include a list of donors and detail their exact tree. Browse the selection and choose your family tree today!